16 november 2023
Discussing Mathematics Education – Theoretical Insights

Dr Melkonian (University of Exeter) discusses theoretical insights to help educators make sense of the pedagogical approaches used in teaching and learning mathematics.

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16 november 2023
Math for non-math majors: Engaging students with real-world math

Discover how to use real-life math to engage students, plus a successful use case from Radboud University. This post sums up the takeaways from a webinar with OpenStax.

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3 november 2023
Math in the real world: everyday applications and example problems for your class

Connecting mathematics to its real-world applications makes your class more engaging. Learn how math is used in real life and see 5 example problems.

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October 6, 2023
Interactive math learning: Tips to engage your math students

Find out the benefits of interactive math learning and get ideas to implement this approach in your course

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7 september 2023
Effective math teaching strategies for fostering study habits

Effective math teaching strategies to help your students stay on track during the course.

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1 september 2023
SOWISO becomes our brand name worldwide: What you need to know

Learn more about the reasoning behind our name switch from Bolster Academy to SOWISO and what it means for you.

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14 juni 2023
Mastering SOWISO: Discover our functionalities in our webinar series

We hosted a webinar series updating our teachers about our most valuable features and how to use them. Watch the recordings and learn the main takeaways here.

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24 maart 2023
From numbers to insights: Using learning analytics to enhance your math course

Discover the advantages of learning analytics in mathematics education and get practical tips to integrate them into your classroom.

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3 maart 2023
Preparatory math courses: Helping your students navigate the transition to higher education math.

Learn how to use preparatory math courses to ensure all students have the required mathematical proficiency before starting the lessons.

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