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We know how busy you are. Enabling your students to pass the course and learn. Trying to motivate students who are not into your subject and/or are not proficient. Accommodating the lessons to people with diverse needs. Connecting with your students. Grading the homework and exams. Finding time for other tasks like researching. And so on.

Teaching is so time-consuming, and you have a personal life too! With this workload, staying up to date is complicated.

Every month, we will filter STEM education highlights and curate the most relevant content for you. So you can focus on what really matters.

What can you find in our newsletter?

You will get the latest news and insights in STEM education + innovative technologies & teaching strategies. Here are some examples of what you can expect in your mailbox.

A roundup of news and insights about
education & technology.

We will bring you the most important and innovative information from expert sources.

Teaching strategies

Discover how to enhance your STEM class based on research findings. We will include best practices and explore how to integrate technology into your class. We will help you develop skills for a digital-first future.

Use cases

Learn how teachers successfully solve an education challenge and share their learnings with you. See how your peers are transforming learning, teaching, and assessment.

Events & webinars

Don’t miss out on any opportunity to enhance your knowledge and interact with fellow teachers.

We promise no-nonsense.
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