Write your own courses!

Write your own course material directly in SOWISO. You can cover a broad range of topics, like calculus, linear algebra, statistics, physics, accounting and others.

Digitalisation of courseware

Creating educational content can be hard and time-consuming work. We offer a range of tools to facilitate and speed up the content creation process. For example automated generation of feedback, a live preview, anonymous user statistics with an exercise playback of what students answered, integrated workflow and others. Do you already have your own content in MS Word, MS powerpoint or in LaTeX (beamer) files? Then it can be imported in no time! You can make use of our off the shelf courses or create your interactive material from scratch.

We speak your language

Are you familiar with LaTex? Great, you can use it directly in SOWISO, including environments and macros. For those unfamiliar, no worries; we have a graphical formula editor that will help you with the syntax, or you can write your math in Asciimath - an easy-to-write markup language for mathematics. You don’t need any specific preliminary knowledge or skills to start writing content. Our rich text editor takes care of the markup so you can focus on the texts. Have you used a Computer Algebra System (CAS) before? In SOWISO you can interact with the CAS directly; not only for the randomisation of exercises and on the fly plotting of images, but also for the evaluation of the student answers.

Enhance student’s experiences

Users who license our courses can get full authoring permission to a local copy of the content. This allows you to customise the material based on your own syllabus. This means you can change the wording to fit the jargon of your program remove questions or topics, or create applied variations of existing exercises. Users who want to offer (formative) tests can construct them directly from their course structure, or compose them from our vast question bank.

Innovate your classroom

Engage Students

Easily enhance the user experience with the option to embed videos, animations and examples. The targeted feedback and integrated gamification give each student a personalised learning experience which will increase their intrinsic motivation.

Learning Analytics

Track the performance of your students with our elaborate reporting suite. Every course has a dashboard giving you an overview of the results of your students, allowing you to see where students get stuck and use that information in your classroom to improve the quality of your lessons. You can also get insights into the learning progress of individual students and replay their individual answer attempts. Do you want to unleash your own analysis on the results? Simply download the results to Excel.

Continuous improvement of content

Analyse anonymous user statistics and exercise replay to improve the feedback model directly from within the authoring environment. You can use this to answer questions such as: - what kind of mistakes do learners make? - how is my content rated by students? - what is the ratio between students who correctly solve a problem the first time they see it versus those who ask for a worked-out solution before trying to solve it?

Comprehensive overview

Full control

Manage publish status per content item

Online and offline

Export to pdf, msword or epub

Author groups

Use author groups to control what permission an author has per content item

Version history

Embedded version history on all content items that tracks all changes


Embedded workflow system to manages the production process


Create, manage and schedule tests


Wide range of content items to choose from (exercise, diagnostic test, theory and more)


Hierarchical meta data system on each content level (Chapter, Sub Chapter and more)

Ready to innovate your classroom?