SOWISO 2022: Our year in numbers

2022 has been a challenging year for education. The importance of STEM subjects and delivering high-quality digital learning resources keeps rising.

At SOWISO, we continue supporting teachers to solve the math problem with digital tools and improve STEM education through technology. This year we want to celebrate our achievements with you. Thank you for helping us grow.

Our year in numbers

What a year! In 2022, we have grown in new markets and worked on multiple exciting projects. Here is our year in numbers.

Over 65 institutions have used our platform in around 20 countries worldwide.

Illustration of our 2022 numbers

12,093 classes took place in SOWISO. 306,809 students have used our platform, and it looks like they have worked very hard on their courses! They saw our theory pages 3,985,145 times and spent 3,746 days reading them. Our users have made a total of 47,195,672 exercise attempts, a surprising average of 129,303 per day. Combined, students have submitted 309,058 tests, replying to 4,240,622 questions.

In total, learners have spent 439 years on the platform.

Illustration of our 2022 numbers

Courses updates


We offer new physics courses. Our statics and dynamics materials are now available.


We have improved our Python course, which teaches fundamental programming concepts. It is a good fit for students who wish to either pursue or transition to a technical university or college-level degree.

Basic Math improvements

We have added new exercises and adjusted our French, English, and Dutch course to be suitable for color-blind people.

Basic Math in Spanish

Our most successful course, Basic Math, is now available in Spanish. ¡Hola!

Product updates

Adaptability mode

Our adaptive systems work by analyzing the student’s performance and, subsequently, making the material harder or more accessible. This feature adapts the path learners take through the content so that it fits their levels. Students first have a diagnostic test that determines their proficiency in the given section. Then, exercises are adjusted to them.

This feature is available for: Basic Math, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Calculus for Social Sciences, and Financial Arithmetic.

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Prerequisites are a way for teachers to create dependencies within the content. Therefore, the content stays locked until its dependencies are fulfilled. This feature will help you ensure your students master the materials before moving forward.

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QR upload

Now students can easily upload files with their phones by scanning a QR code.

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Image of our QR uploads

Safe Exam Browser

Our Safe Exam Browser is a web browser environment to carry out e-assessments safely. It limits your students to just the test page, so they can’t click around and visit any other websites during the test.

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Spanish as the platform language

We want to keep reaching out to sizeable non-English speaking markets in their mother tongue. This year, we have added Spanish as a platform language.

Video Explanations

We have started integrating videos into our Basic Math theory pages. Now, students can watch short tutorials where our education experts explain how to solve common problems aligned with their curriculum.

You can watch these explanations on SOWISO Explains, our new YouTube channel. At the end of each video, we propose a related exercise that students can do on our platform for free via a link. Our randomization feature allows students to solve new problems and continually develop their skills.

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Accessibility improvements

Exercises for color-blind students

We are enhancing our functionalities for people who are color-blind. For example, we are improving the contrast of our graphs in exercises and theory pages.


We empower our learners and teachers with text-to-speech accessibility technology for education and learning. This feature is available for all our content.

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Image of our text-to-speech

Coming soon!

New Teacher User Interface

We’ve been working on a new teacher UI. The new interface will make the teacher environment easier and faster to use. It will soon be available for all teachers.

Image of the new user interface

Last but not least…

SOWISO & Paragin partner up

We have joined forces with Paragin, a leading ed-tech company that provides solutions for the development of competencies, knowledge, and talent in large and small corporations and educational institutions.

This strategic partnership will allow us to share knowledge, expand our team, create better products and take our journey to the next level! Here you can learn more about our partnership.

Thank you for helping us grow!

We want to thank our team for making this possible and all our partners for their trust and commitment.

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