SOWISO in Remindo - Streamline your Math Assessment Process

Instructors face multiple assessment challenges in their math courses. They need to create high-quality tests and grade many assignments and exams. Teaching STEM subjects in higher education is hard since teachers usually have large groups of students, which makes personalized instruction more difficult (especially considering instructors’ increasing workload). Educators require an efficient math assessment process that ensures test rigor while benefiting students.

This blog post presents an efficient all-in-one solution to help educators improve their mathematics assessments. We are happy to introduce our new integration with Remindo.

Paragin Group: Joining forces to facilitate better assessments

SOWISO is part of Paragin Group, a collection of leading education technology brands. We want to share our latest collaboration with another of these brands. Now, educators can use our extensive content and powerful math engine within Remindo’s testing environment.

Remindo helps you handle and streamline the entire testing process, from creating the test to grading it and analyzing the results.

How to upgrade your math tests with our new integration

Get the ideal questions for your test

SOWISO offers a vast library of assessment content. It includes questions created by our in-house mathematicians and education specialists. The exercises cover various topics, like basic math, calculus, and statistics.

Within Remindo, you can choose SOWISO questions and tailor the tests to your needs. This collaboration enriches testing by helping you evaluate a more exhaustive range of skills and knowledge.

Visual of our math assessment integration

Build a test within minutes

You can add pre-made math questions to your test. Besides, educators can create and import their questions into Remindo. This feature makes math assessment preparation as easy and flexible as possible.

Our integration supports several question formats: open free, open, radio button, radio button random, multiple choice random, multiple choice, GeoGebra, and strategy.

Visual of our math assessment integration

Save time with automated grading

Reduce your workload while we score your mathematics tests automatically. You can also get advanced analytics for a comprehensive overview of student performance, test results, and test quality. This tool will help you outsource repetitive activities and dedicate extra resources to more impactful tasks.

Visual of our math assessment integration

Help students practice 

Give learners extra support without extra effort. Students can see detailed worked-out solutions. These step-by-step examples will help them identify their mistakes and learn from them.

Visual of our math assessment integration

Seamless integration

This integration will start working when you request it. You don’t have to install anything or take any extra steps.

Webinar: Learn how to expand your math assessment possibilities

Learn more about the integration of SOWISO with Remindo in our upcoming webinar. Discover how this collaboration will provide educators with the tools to create their ideal tests and streamline the testing process. In this session, we will walk you through the platform and show you all the benefits of this integration.

🗓 April 23, 2024, at 11:30

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Start making math assessment as easy as it gets 

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