Teaching with math tutorials: SOWISO Explains

Video content is increasingly common for information, entertainment, and learning purposes. Watching video tutorials on platforms like YouTube is becoming an essential part of students’ study routines.

This blog post will discuss the advantages of integrating math video tutorials into your courses and how to use them. We will also introduce our new interactive video explanations.

How to use math tutorials in your class

Math can be an intimidating subject. To help students overcome their negative emotions and lack of motivation, audiovisual materials can be a high-quality and accessible educational tool.

Video tutorials can be a valuable complementary resource for your class and be an ally in your teaching strategies. Carefully selected videos created by experts are an effective way to engage students, motivate them to master the content, and even help them to develop a more positive attitude toward math.

This flexible format is more aligned with how students learn nowadays than others that can be perceived as too rigid and static, like conventional paper textbooks. Incorporating elements like attractive visuals and dynamic voiceovers can increase students’ attention, retention, and understanding.

Math tutorial creation

Tutorials can support students learn or brush up on the content. Learners can watch them whenever and as much as they want, being able to pause them or skip the parts they already know. Since your students might have different math proficiency and motivation levels, this resource can offer extra help to those needing it.

Math tutorials can also facilitate amplifying your course. For example, you can add real-life math examples or videos with worked-out solutions.

Of course, these tutorials can’t substitute teachers. Instead, educators can use them to boost their lessons, improving students’ knowledge while assisting them to feel comfortable and ready to practice.

SOWISO Explains

We are excited to announce that we have created SOWISO Explains, our new YouTube channel.

SOWISO Explains provides students with straightforward and visual mathematics tutorials. We have started following the curriculum of our most used course, Basic Math. We address topics like derivatives, integration, algebra, and functions.

In our first videos, our in-house mathematicians explain how to solve common problems like how to use the chain rule or how to draw the graph of a formula using a table.

Additionally, we offer an interactive and pedagogical experience. We aim to encourage our viewers to adopt a hands-on approach. After solving an exercise, we ask a question so students can keep practicing the content they learned in the tutorial.

Students can test their knowledge via a link that leads to our platform. Our randomization feature allows students to practice as much as they want and to improve their skills at their own pace. Likewise, our automated personalized feedback will guide them toward the right solution and reward their progress, empowering them to develop a growth mindset.

These resources can benefit people needing additional support, like students with math anxiety and dyscalculia or who missed a lesson.

Video Explanations Integration

We keep enhancing our platform to maximize students’ learning and user experience. That’s why we also have integrated these tutorials into our platform.

Now, students can find these math tutorials, among other features like interactive theory, hints, and automated personalized feedback.

Screenshot of a math tutorial on our platform

Screenshot of a math tutorial on our platform

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