SOWISO is a digital publisher. We develop turn-key e-learning courses for STEM subjects used in educational institutions worldwide. To help us create these courses, we are always looking for authors in mathematics, statistics and physics. We have authoring projects running in higher education.

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Why work in our Authoring department?

Impactful mission

Our mission is to shape the future of STEM education. Our tool is used by more than 250,000 students and 60 institutions worldwide. We work on meaningful projects with excellent results: high-quality online learning, which engages students and saves teachers time. We create interactive, innovative, and pedagogical content. We are passionate about education, and we want to share this with you.


SOWISO enhances education by using digital technology. We develop groundbreaking features like personalized automated feedback and randomized exercises. We are going far beyond traditional math textbooks and pushing the boundaries of what’s being used in education from a user-centred and scientific perspective.


Our roles offer a lot of autonomy. Here you will have the freedom to propose new ideas and join diverse projects while enjoying a healthy work-life balance. You will have multiple possibilities if you are active and self-motivated. Apart from the technical aspect of our jobs, we also try to get into the head of an average student, which is also challenging and fun. You will have a good mix of technical and human problem-solving in this team.

Friendly environment

Our work culture is warm, informal, and relaxed. Here you will be part of a bright and highly motivated team from diverse backgrounds and cultures. You will also build relationships with enthusiastic teachers who share your interests and are trying to solve similar educational problems. We work hard, but we have a flexible schedule, a Gamecube, and no dress code. We offer all the benefits you can expect from a modern tech company.

What our Authoring colleagues say about working at SOWISO

  • "We have a very flat structure. When it comes to brainstorming, everybody’s input is valued equally, regardless of if they are interns or long-term authors. We want everybody to feel heard. We work hard, but there’s an informal atmosphere. People are serious when they need to be, but they are not when they don’t. As a company, we are good at turning that on and off." Lars van Boeijen

  • "I rarely have the feeling that I am being rushed. Often, what I have to do for a project is solve a problem. Here I have the time to think about where the problem is and fix it well. This helps me produce better work." Erik Barinaga

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